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School Site Council

For the latest School Site Council meeting, please check the school calendar.
Agendas and associated documents can be found in this public folder. Agendas will be posted at least 72 hours prior to SSC meetings.

The School Site Council (SSC) is composed of a balance of parents and faculty members and meets at least five times during the school year. It is charged with reviewing the Single School Plan for Improvement, Title 1 budget, and the various elements of the school’s academic programs. it was reviews, gives feedback for, and approves the parent involvement policy.

The council also ensures that the school meets all the requirements of the Coordinated Compliance Review Process. The English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) addresses the needs of English Language Learners. Parents and community members not on the SSC and ELAC are always welcome to attend the meetings.
Meetings are posted on the Ord Terrace Calendar here.
The bylaws are here:
School Site Council Membership
The following are the members of School Site Council for the 2022-23 school year:
Mercedes Awity (teacher)
Nora Meany (teacher)
Veronica Brambila (teacher) - Secretary
Joe Sampson (principal)
Itzani Nieto (community liaison leader)
Luisa (Nely) Santiago (parent)
Brianda Everardo (parent) - ELAC Representative
Renee Flanders (parent) - Vice-Chair
Marilu Sandoval (parent) - Chair
Ana Ruiz (parent)