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Otter Pledge

Ord Terrace Pledge

Our school community is built around our "ABCs": Act responsibly, Behave respectfully, and Care for all. Every month, all Ord Terrace students, teachers, and staff gather on the large playground and say the Ord Terrace Pledge:

I am a member of the Ord Terrace Family.
I act responsibly.
I behave respectfully.
I care for all.

Ord Terrace Song

We also sing the Ord Terrace Song. Here are the words: (sung to the tune of "Clementine"):

Otto Otter, Otto Otter
Living high above the bay
At Ord Terrace elementary
He comes to school every day

He's our mascot, caring mascot
Part of the O.T. family
He protects us
He respects us
He's a friend to you and me.

Otto's kind and Otto's helpful
Otto's neat as he can be
He accepts us, won't reject us
Otto Otter from the sea

Here's to Otto, Otto Otter
He's a pal to big and small
We're all Otters from Ord Terrace
And he loves us one and all.