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The instructional programs at Ord Terrace are aligned with the California Common Core State Standards for curriculum. These objectives are what students should know by the end of the year in each grade.

Teachers review and discuss these objectives at Back to School Night and at individual parent conferences. The instructional programs at Ord Terrace School feature individualized instruction based on diagnostic/prescriptive procedures as well as group instruction emphasizing student instruction and classroom values.

Adopted Curriculum
Students in all classes, K-5, use specialize curriculum for each subject. Click on the title to access the student/parent sites:

Reading: Benchmark Advance
Mathematics: Eureka Math
Science: Social Studies: Houghton-Mifflin Social Studies

Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs)
Over the course of the year, each student sets academic goals. These goals are to be met by the end of the year. These goals can be modified according to each student's progress. Students who require intervention or enrichment will receive a District document called the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). This document contains:
  • goals
  • activities to help students achieve their goals
  • ways progress can be measured
Parents, students, and teachers are required to sign the ILPs. The ILPs are reviewed during conferences.